What happens with the house during a divorce?

The simple answer to this, is that it is down to you and your ex-partner on which route you both choose to go down with regards to the property. It is possible that you and your ex-partner come to a decision together, a decision which could look several different ways. You may both decide for one of you to remain in the property and buy the other one out, or you may both decide to sell the property and move on.

If, however, you and your ex-partner are not communicating well anymore following separation, then the decision of what to do with the property can be a long drawn out, stressful, legal and financial experience for everyone involved. If this is the case, it is often then left to legal professionals to negotiate on their respective client’s behalf to come to a decision on what route will be taken with all assets including the property.

Can my ex sell our house?

An ex-partner cannot legally force you out of your home, until a divorce has been legally finalised you both have a legal right to remain in the property together.

However, it is often viewed as the best outcome to both parties once divorce proceedings have begun or have been finalised, that a sale of the property is the most beneficial outcome to both parties financially.

Divorce house sale

It is no secret that a divorce is more often than not an emotional, financial and legal struggle. Made more difficult by having to decide what to do with the family home. If you and your ex-partner have decided that a quick sale would benefit everyone involved, contact us today for a free, no obligation cash offer on your home.

What happens to a joint mortgage when you get divorced?

During a divorce you have two options regarding your joint mortgage. You can either sell the property and both move on. Or you keep the property and continue to pay the mortgage.

Regardless of whether only one person remains in the property after separation, or neither person remains in the property, the mortgage still needs to be paid as anyone who is named on the mortgage as a borrower is liable for the debt. Failure to keep up with the mortgage payments can result in a damaged credit rating for all involved and even repossession if the situation is not addressed for long enough.

Communication is key and you should inform your mortgage lender in the event of you and your ex-partner deciding to divorce. Most lenders will advise on different steps you can take during this time to help financially with the situation.

Selling a house after divorce

Whether you and your ex-partner have decided to sell the family home after a divorce amicably, or it has been decided in the courts that the property must be sold, there are a few things you and your ex-partner should consider before deciding on the best route to get the property sold.

You should first consider how much the property is worth. You should then consider which method of sale will work best for everyone involved. All parties should also consider their onward living arrangements for once the property has been sold.

If it is decided that you would both prefer a fast house sale, as opposed to the prolonged sale completion times of anywhere from six months upwards on the open market, then contact us today for your free, no obligation cash offer on your property. We will even cover the legal fees associated with the sale.

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