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J Bear Properties understand just how important the sale of a property can be. That is why customer service is at the forefront of our company, making sure our customers are kept informed throughout every step of our process.

We are also renowned within our industry as fast cash home buyers, making the highest cash offer on any property, contact us today to receive your FREE no obligation cash offer, or simply to get any questions you may have answered by one of our team.

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What exactly is a cash house buyer?

Put simply, a cash house buyer is a company or individual person who has the cash funds readily available to purchase your property outright, without the need for mortgages or creative financing such as bridging loans.

There are huge benefits to using a cash purchase service when selling your property, however you must ensure to use a professional and reputable company, and make sure they are genuine fast cash home buyers, as many companies claim to be, however only a very small number have the funds readily available to purchase your home.

Some companies claim to be a cash buying service; however, they are simply trying to find a buyer for you behind the scenes on the open market, whilst using delay tactics to keep you waiting.

J Bear Properties are genuine fast cash home buyers, with funds readily available right now to purchase your property, in your timeframe, and cover your legal fees too. As fast cash home buyers, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation cash offer on your property. Contact us today to get started.

How does a cash property buyer work?

Our process is very simple, and we keep you informed every step of the way. Here are the main steps within our service, however if you require further information feel free to give us a call today and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fill out our simple online form

Fill out our simple online form or give us a call directly. We will ask for some details regarding the property you are looking to sell; we will also answer any questions you may have regarding our service.

Receive your offer

When you fill out our online form, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details on the property you are looking to sell. We will then formulate the best possible cash offer we can make for your property, after gauging the market value based on comparable property information readily available. We will then send you your offer in writing.

Confirming your cash offer

When you accept our initial offer and complete the associated paperwork to confirm, we will start working to confirm your cash offer as fast cash home buyers. We will arrange for a maximum of 2 independent RICS qualified valuers to attend and evaluate your property and provide us with an accurate valuation. We will also appoint and cover the costs of an independent solicitor to act for you regarding the sale. We will then make our final offer to you based on the legal check and valuations completed.

Our goal as fast cash home buyers is to provide you with a smooth, hassle-free selling process. We are committed to transparency and will keep you informed every step of the way. Once the final offer is confirmed, we can complete the purchase of your property quickly, on your timeline. 

Benefits of using a cash home buying service

There are many benefits to using a cash property buying service when you want or need to sell your house fast.

Whatever the reason may be, J Bear Properties can provide you with a fast house sale on your property.

As well as a guarantee to beat any genuine cash offer made, here are some other key benefits to using our service to sell a property fast:

GUARANTEED highest cash offer
No fees
Completion in your timeframe
No viewings
No stress, hassle, or delays
Cash sale
Chain free sale on your home

The Property Ombudsman

J Bear Properties are a member of the largest government backed dispute resolution service within our industry for added security for all our customers when using our service, however to date not a single one of our customers has ever required their intervention.

Are all cash property buying services trustworthy?

The short answer here is no, they are not.

There is only a very small number of companies within our industry who are genuine fast cash home buyers, and the fakes can be hard to spot, here are some points to look out for when spotting the fakes:

Ask for evidence they are a genuine cash buyer and that they are purchasing your property directly
If they do not provide you with an offer in writing, be wary
If they offer you 90% of the market value of your property or above, this is a huge red flag!
Do your research on their directors and owners
Ensure they have a physical office address

Check their reviews

Check property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, if you spot the company, they are not buying your property directly
Check paperwork carefully for any red flags
Ensure they are using RICS qualified valuers when valuing your property

When you work with J Bear Properties as fast cash home buyers, you can trust that we are a genuine, reputable company with the funds available to purchase your property directly. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation cash offer. 

We contacted J Bear Properties and had received a cash offer on our house within a few hours. The team then made the rest of the process very simple indeed, and we had completed the sale in 12 days!”

Jessica Moorland

Sale agreed at a price we were more than happy with, to be completed on the date we chose, and they covered our legal fees also. Far easier than going through an estate agent.”

Ben Miles

Super simple service to use, took all the hassle out of selling our home. J Bear Properties did exactly what they said they were going to, including covering all our fees and completing on the date that we had set.”

Jane Knowles

Below we have outlined some key differences between using our service and selling through a high street estate agent

Estate Agents
6 to 9 months minimum

In as little as 7 days
Original advertised price£125,000N/A
True market value£120,000£120,000
Agreed sale price£115,000£102,000
Price after legal fees£113,500£102,000
Price after agent fees £110,500£102,000
Price after monthly bills£109,100£102,000
Price after mortgage fees £104,600£102,000

Sell your house for cash – Any location, any condition

Using our streamlined service as fast cash home buyers, you can achieve the fast sale on your home you require. We have the industry experience of helping hundreds of sellers achieve the cash sale on their property they are looking for.

If you require a fast house sale, enquire with us today for a free no obligation cash offer. As fast cash home buyers, we guarantee to beat any genuine cash offer, and complete in a timeframe that suits you.

Contact us today if you are looking for a trustworthy cash home buyer. One of our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry and answer any questions you may have about working with fast cash home buyers.

Cash property buyers FAQs: Understanding Fast Cash Home Buyers

How do fast cash home buyers make money?

As we are a business, we of course need to make some kind of a profit when we purchase a property. Depending on the location and condition of the property, we may look for a suitable buyer once we have purchased your home, we may need to renovate the property before looking for that suitable buyer, or we may need to hold onto the property for a while and potentially rent it out. Therefore, we are unable to pay full market value for any property. However, we offer a seller an alternative option to the uncertainty of the open market, by offering a GUARANTEED cash sale, with legal fees covered and completion in a timeframe that suits you.

Who uses cash buyer services?
The short answer here is everyone!

We help sellers from all walks of life achieve the fast sale they require on their property. From inherited property, to financial difficulty, to securing your dream onward purchase, to simply being sick and tired of advertising your home on the open market with no guarantees of ever finding a suitable buyer.

To achieve a cash home sale, contact us today!

How much of market value do fast cash home buyers pay?

We typically pay anywhere between 80-85% of market value. We also have a GUARANTEE to beat any genuine cash offer. Remember, if a company claims to be a cash buyer, and offers you a figure over 85% of the market value, they are not a genuine cash home buyer and will most likely be trying to find someone to purchase the property in the background.

To achieve a cash home sale, contact us today!

Why don't fast cash home buyers offer full market value for a property?

As we are a business, we pay much larger fees when it comes to purchasing any property, including larger stamp duty. We also have the cost and risk associated with selling the property on, not to mention refurbishment costs if required. There is no company that could pay full market value for any property, if they claim they can, this is a huge red flag! We make a modest profit to ensure we can offer an alternative option to sellers when it comes to selling their property, an option full of guarantees and certainty.

My property is on the market with an agent, when should I think about using a cash home buyer?
This decision is completely up to you, however, here are some scenarios when you should consider a different option when it comes to getting your home sold.

1. If your property has been on the market achieving a small number of viewings, or no viewings at all, or not many offers.

2. If your property has had lots of viewings on the open market and not received many offers from those viewings.

3. If the property has an issue of some kind which requires a cash buyer. A potential issue could range anything from structural issues, to a low lease. With cash buyers few and far between on the open market, you could be waiting even longer than usual to achieve the sale and could easily take over a year to complete.

However, as a genuine cash buyer, J Bear Properties can purchase your property for cash, in your desired timeframe, and cover your legal fees too.

If you require a cash house sale, contact us today!

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