If you have ever sold a property in the past and purchased a new one simultaneously, you will know that the buying and selling process is a costly one indeed. You have all the fees associated with buying a property such as the deposit, the stamp duty, legal fees, and removal fees too. You then also have the selling fees, with the largest of those generally being the commission you will have to pay your estate agent to sell your property.

J Bear Properties provide an alternative option to having to pay large commissions to an estate agent to sell your property. Our process is 100% FREE from start to finish, including our free no obligation cash offer, right through to completion. We will even cover your legal fees associated with the sale of your property too.

An estate agents fee will typically range from 0.75% to 1.5%. Below we have outlined some figures it would cost you in estate agent commissions to sell your property depending on a range of sale prices. Contact us today to sell your property without an estate agent.

Selling a house without an estate agent

You may be asking yourself; can I really sell my house without an estate agent? The answer is yes! At J Bear Properties we follow a simple, hassle free process to purchase your home for cash, and cover your legal fees for the sale along the way. Check out our simple process below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call and one of our team will be happy to help. When you decide you are ready to sell your house without an estate agent, contact us for a FREE no obligation cash offer on your property.

Property Sale Price Estate Agent
0.75% + VAT
Estate Agent
1.5% + VAT
J Bear Properties

The cheapest way to sell your house

If you would prefer to avoid all the usual costs associated with selling your home, give J Bear Properties a call today for a FREE cash offer on your property, and a cost-effective alternative to selling your home through an estate agent… The cheapest way to sell your house.

  • We provide our customers with an alternative option to selling their property through an estate agent and paying estate agent commissions. We GUARANTEE a free process for you from start to finish, and even cover your legal fees associated with the sale.
  • We are a cash property buyer using our own funds, meaning we are able to offer you a fast and easy way to sell your home. We are the quickest way to sell your house as we use our own readily available funds.
  • We are a member of the Property Ombudsman or TPO, the largest government backed body within our industry.

Contact us today for a FREE no obligation cash offer on your property.