How to get your flat sold

If you have been trying to sell your flat recently using the estate agency route, you are most likely more than aware of the issue facing flat owners at this present time.

On the back of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the government have begun to enforce strict guidelines around the materials used for the cladding on the building with regards to flats and its upkeep, with the replacement cost of unsatisfactory cladding materials down to the property owners in most cases to cover.

This has, of course, caused much hesitation for investors and homeowners alike when it comes to the purchase of a flat, with many sales falling through due to the increased concern surrounding the cladding issue and potential safety issues with the building.

To sell a flat now, a flat owner requires an External Wall System survey, or EWS1, completed by a chartered fire engineer, this documentation states to potential lenders and buyers if there has or has not been combustible materials used in the cladding or construction of the building. The survey will grade the building all the way from A1 – B2, with A1 being the most favourable grade and B2 being the least favourable.

The survey will help with the sale or purchase of a flat, however we are still seeing much hesitation within the market from both investors and homeowners when it comes to the purchase of a flat.

An alternative option

J Bear Properties can still purchase flats that have cladding. If you have the necessary EWS1 form complete, this will help us base you a more accurate cash offer for your flat.

If you do not yet have an EWS1 form complete, we can still make you a cash offer, however having this survey completed will help us to improve your offer accordingly depending on the graded outcome of the survey as mentioned from A1 – B2.

Lots of flat owners we have spoken with have opted to go for our profit share set up. This is where we agree a price for your property, and also a profit share agreement for if the property overachieves when it is then sold. This ensures you walk away with the best deal possible for the cash sale of your flat.

The cheapest and fastest way to sell your flat

Below are just some of the reasons flat owners are choosing J Bear Properties when it comes to securing a fast flat sale:

  • We provide a cash offer for your flat
  • We provide an efficient alternative to selling your flat through an estate agent
  • We provide a fast and reliable service to sell your flat
  • We are a genuine cash buyer, so can complete in your timeframe
  • We cover your legal fees associated with the sale of your flat

Contact us today to receive your free cash offer on your flat.