What options do I have to sell my property online?

Years ago, people only really had one way to sell their property, which was through an estate agent. Nowadays there are a multitude of different ways for someone to sell their property online, including online estate agents, opting to sell your property privately, or by using a cash property buying company.

Cash property buying companies

Selling your property using a cash buying company such as J Bear Properties is by far the fastest and simplest way to sell your home out of the sale options available to you. A genuine cash buyer will be able to complete on the sale of your property in 7 days if you require, or any timeframe you prefer. Just some of the benefits to using J Bear Properties to achieve a quick sale on your property include:

  • GUARANTEED highest cash offer within our industry
  • No legal fees
  • Completion in your timeframe
  • We purchase property in any condition
  • Hassle free – no open market viewings to accommodate

Sell at Auction

Auctions can be a viable way to sell a property, depending on the property type, condition and other determining factors will decide whether the property would be considered ‘good for auction’. However, auctions can be tricky, there is no guarantee the property will sell, and if the property does in fact fail to sell at the auction, it will often have a negative effect on the future price you will be able to achieve when the property does eventually sell.

Using an online estate agent

There are several different online estate agents on the market today. They will all usually require you to do most of the leg work when it comes to selling your property, such as taking the photos of your property and creating the advert, conducting all the viewings yourself, as well as dealing with all viewers questions and negotiating on potential offers. They often charge around £1000 + VAT, however in paying them up front, they have no real incentive to get your property sold, as they have already been paid.

How to sell your house online with J Bear Properties

If you would prefer to sell your house fast online using our cash property buying service, then contact us today for your FREE, no obligation cash offer on your property. We have a very simple, hassle free process which will allow you to sell your property quickly online. We will even cover your legal fees associated with the sale. Check out just how simple our process is below.

Our simple step by step process

See below just how fast and easy it is to sell your property for cash using our service.

Step 1

Contact us via our simple online form, or by calling us direct to receive your free no obligation cash offer on your property.

Step 2

If you are happy to proceed, we will arrange for an independent viewing of the property, at no cost to you. We will also appoint you an independent solicitor, free of charge.

Step 3

Our offer is then confirmed. If you are happy to proceed, you select a completion date that best suits you.

Step 4

The sale will then complete on your chosen date. The funds from the sale are transferred to you upon completion.

The cheapest way to sell your home online

If you would prefer to avoid all of the usual unnecessary fees when selling your house, then contact us today for your FREE no obligation cash offer. Other major benefits to using J Bear Properties when selling your property include:

  • We GUARANTEE to be the highest cash offer within our industry.
  • We have the cash funds readily available right now to buy your property.
  • We are the quickest way to sell your property online.
  • We provide a simple, stress free alternative to selling through an estate agent.