Sale of inherited house

It goes without saying that the passing of a loved one is a time of heightened emotional grieving, but what is often not considered until the moment is upon us is, is what to do with an inherited property once that loved one has passed.

There are several options available to you with regards as to what to do with an inherited property, depending on your personal preference. One option of course is to sell the property, but what often is not considered by the beneficiaries, is the length of time it takes to sell any property with an estate agent, and the prolonged upset that often comes with being tied to the inherited property for a prolonged period whilst a suitable buyer is found, before a lengthy solicitor process to complete the sale.

Executor to a will

If you have decided to sell an inherited property, you should first confirm you have the legal right to do so, the will of the deceased should give clarity on this. You should then check if there is an executor to the will, if there is an executor of the estate named on the will, this person is generally in charge of selling the inherited property, before distributing the proceeds of the sale between the beneficiaries, with the aid of a solicitor. In the absence of a will, the next of kin to the deceased will generally oversee the estate, and therefore the sale of the property.

Applying for probate

Probate is the necessary legal process that gives an executor the right or authority to handle the estate of a deceased individual. This authority allows an executor to begin the task of valuing the deceased’s estate, which is also a required element to selling an inherited property. If you have been named as the executor on a will, you will have to apply for probate before you are able to sell an inherited property. The timeframe associated with being granted probate, from initial application to probate being granted, typically takes several weeks however can take several months before probate is officially granted.

What tax do I have to pay?

This depends on your relation to the deceased, as well as the property value. You should seek the advice of a solicitor for full clarification on this. If you decide to sell using our service, we have a panel of expert solicitors regarding the sale of inherited properties who will be able to clarify exactly what tax, if any, you will be required to pay, however below we have included some inheritance tax guidelines to give you an initial idea.

  • Direct Descendants of the deceased, including children and grandchildren pay inheritance tax on a property of more than £450,000 in value.
  • If you are not a direct descendant of the deceased, you will have to pay inheritance tax if the total value of the deceased’s estate exceeds the value of £325,000. This tax will not apply if the beneficiary was the spouse of the deceased.

Seek expert help with selling an inherited property

Once you have completed the necessary legal process of obtaining probate, you can then start on the road to getting the property sold. Sourcing the help of a professional when selling an inherited property is often a smart move, you can apply for probate without the help of a professional, however the process can often be extremely involved and would benefit from an experienced individual’s guidance, saving you time and stress along the way.

The legal process of obtaining probate can be a time consuming and stressful experience at an already difficult time in life, before then having to start the process of getting the property sold. A cash property buying company removes the stress and time associated with selling an inherited property and allows you to sell an inherited property quickly.

Using a cash buying company such as J Bear Properties saves you time, stress and all the exertion that goes into selling an inherited property. If you would prefer to sell an inherited property fast, contact us today for your FREE, no obligation cash offer.

How to sell an inherited house fast

If you have decided that you would like to sell an inherited property, J Bear Properties offer a fast and simple alternative to selling through an estate agent. We GUARANTEE to make you the highest cash offer within our industry and can complete the sale in a timeframe that suits you. Check out our simple process below:

Our simple step by step process

See below just how fast and easy it is to sell your property for cash using our service.

Step 1

Contact us via our simple online form, or by calling us direct to receive your free no obligation cash offer on your property.

Step 2

If you are happy to proceed, we will arrange for an independent viewing of the property, at no cost to you. We will also appoint you an independent solicitor, free of charge.

Step 3

Our offer is then confirmed. If you are happy to proceed, you select a completion date that best suits you.

Step 4

The sale will then complete on your chosen date. The funds from the sale are transferred to you upon completion.

The cheapest way to sell an inherited property

Selling an inherited property often comes with a unique set of fees, however if you would prefer to avoid those unnecessary fees, contact us today. There are multiple benefits to using J Bear Properties when it comes to selling your inherited property quickly, some of them include:

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